wall tattoo wall stickers interior decoration as foil lettering or exclusively from different wood types

Wall tattoos fonts and graphics
Art in writing and graphics! The borders consist of creative lettering and are combined on the wall to form a highlight. Discover modern motifs. Borders fit into any room. The font attoos revolve around sleeping, eating, working, enjoying, etc. and make every wall an eye-catcher.

For the production of the articles we use among other things:

  • Amaranth - also called purple or violet wood.

  • American Maple - Name for the wood of the large-leaved maple growing along the coast in western North America.    Beech - is almost white, very hard, very heavy, dense and tough.

  • Alder - also called black alder, Eller or Else.

  • Mahogany - comes from Central South America and is more than famous for its excellent properties in boat building.

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